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 The Turtle:  Truth               The Mantra: I Understand

The Programs:  Justice Support 

The Teaching: Truth is understanding the importance of all the sacred teachings. It is said that in the beginning, when the creator gave the seven teachings, the grandmother turtle was present to make sure that the laws would never be lost or forgotten. Grandmother turtle carries the teachings on her back. The thirteen squares represent the thirteen full moons of the year. The surrounding 28 squares of the shell represent the 28 days of each lunar month. This represented one cycle of the earth, around the Sun, and the number of days of the cycle of the moon. Truth is understanding the importance of all the sacred teachings and how they are connected. Living in truth is living in harmony with yourself. Understand it, speak it, live by it. Live your truth and be a role model for others. Be true to yourself and honor your gifts. Changing yourself for others only encourages others to remain closed-minded. 

Application & Leadership:  The Turtle connects all of the 7 teachings. We recognize and acknowledge that everything is connected: everything that we are, everything that we see, and everything that we can be is connected. Understanding this principle is the only path to abolition.

We have assigned Truth to our Justice work because the Prison Industrial Complex is our largest oppressive system.  “Law & Order” is the false platform that political leaders espouse to incite fear and gain support for unjust laws.  In truth, Indigenous communities lived peacefully without the need for police, jails, lawyers, or any elements of the criminal justice system as we know it today. If someone committed a crime, they were held accountable to whoever was harmed, as well as the entire community. 

 Justice support leadership is composed of  BIPOC TGNCI/LGBQA+ community members who are formerly incarcerated or justice-involved.  We believe that lived experiences are necessary for qualified leadership.  

Partnership Collaboration Programming:

  • COVID emergency Release Project
  • Trans Injustice Stories
  • Filing for clemency and parole
  • Reduce restitution and probation time
  • Seal records, and expunge cases 
  • Demand accountability from prison staff & administration
  • PREA & other prisoner support assistance
  • Prison Resource Guides