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The Wolf:  Humility              The Mantra: I See 

The Programs: Community Building – Freedom House

The Teaching: The wolf lives in the pack of others where each animal has a role to play within that pack. Some may be hunters, others are protectors, and some are nurturers.  Each animal is no more important than the others as each must perform the role that is best for the survival and benefit of the pack. The wolf that is hunting will take the food to eat with the pack before he even takes a bite of the food. Humility is recognizing that no one knows everything, we are always learning. Humility is the ability to take nothing personally, understanding that another person’s actions or words are about them, and not you. Humility is the ability to see your mistakes or flaws, accept them, and learn from them. To be humble is to understand that you must first accept that all beings are easy to think of; your family, your fellow human beings, or your community before you think of yourself.

Application & Leadership:  Humility displays our willingness to learn and become better. Pride is concerned with who is right, humility is concerned with what is right. We are not here to see how important we can become but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others.

Humility requires that we become self-aware enough to accept our own flaws and helps us to not make judgments of others. We have assigned Humility to Community building because, in order to create a sustainable community, our leaders must be able to work with each other. This program leadership is made up of our partnering community organizers. 

Partnership Collaboration Programming:

  • Individual Freedom Campaigns
  • Community Resource Support
  • Freedom House  – Retreat Center
    • Community Leadership Retreats – center indigenous principles which foster sustainable community building. 
    • Medicine Garden – The Apothecary 
    • Community Food Garden & Apiary – Food Sovereignty  
    • Sweat Lodge – Trauma Healing
    • Dignity in Passing – Mel White Memorial Gardens