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The Sabe (Bigfoot) Honesty             The Mantra: I Speak

The Programs: Mental Health/ Trauma Recovery & Medical Support

The Teaching: The symbol of honesty is the Sabe` (sasquatch) because it stands closer to the heavens than humans. Sabe` reminds us that remaining true to ourselves and accepting who we are, guides us in being honest. The elders say that when you are honest and have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, your spirit is the size of the Sabe`. Do not speak against yourself or others. Be impeccable with your words. To be truly honest is to keep promises made to others and oneself. Whenever elders agree to something they would shake their hands and say,” It’ll be done.” They didn’t need to write any agreement or contract on paper,  their words were enough. Think before you speak. Let your words pass through these ideas:  Is it true?  Is it helpful?  Is it important?  Is it necessary?  Is it kind?  When you say something against yourself or others, it affects your spirit, not allowing it to grow strong. To have a good spirit we must be honest with ourselves and others.

Application & Leadership: 

Our words are a representation of our actions and intentions. We use the power of our words to heal, create, love, and uplift. We have assigned Honesty to our Mental Health & Trauma work because we are honest about our trauma. Honestly facing our trauma & healing is the lived experience of all of our leadership.

Partnership Collaboration Programming:

  • Medicine Bag- Post incarceration Medical 
  • HRT & Trans medical support
  • Post Incarceration Therapy – PICS/ PTSD treatment
  • Peer Support Therapy
  • TGNCI/LGBQA+ Family Therapy
  • Research – ™Trauma to Prison Pipeline – the cycle of childhood trauma to the prison industrial complex with Who Speaks for Me & Mirror Memoirs