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What is the 7 Pillars Collaborative?

The 7 Pillars Collaborative is a network of comprehensive partnership programs, where all members participate in communal support for the populations we serve. Our work is based on the idea that all are connected and related. Marginalization is deeply intersectional, so the organizing work should be as well.

7 Pillars Collaborative began as a community building program for Freedom Overground, a TGNC/LGBQIA+ justice support organization. As the community partnerships grow, it has become evident that the 7 Pillars Collaborative needs room to expand beyond justice work.

Each animal embodies a living principle. We have connected these principles to 7 aspects of livelihood that are held under systematic oppression. Each partnership will develop programs aimed at dismantling these oppressive systems.

Our Founding Principles

Prior to the arrival of Europeans to the Americas 1st Nations peoples already had commerce, economies, permanency, travel, stewardship, artistry, drama, ceremony, mourning, healthcare, justice, governance, and peacekeeping.  We were not few, not impoverished, not uneducated, not savage or uncivilized. Our nations were environmentally sustainable and had been established for thousands of years.

Our collective path to sustainability requires us to look at 1st Nations tribes and the foundations of their community. The 7 sacred teachings have been ingrained in every aspect of life by 1st Nations tribes for millennia. These same teachings can be found in every culture across the globe and go by many names but principles remain the same. The 7 Sacred Teaching are the basis for all of our organizing, programs, and community partnerships.


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